Best Gaming Laptops for Gamers

Best Gaming Laptops

Best Gaming Laptops for Gamers

If you’re serious a gamer, there’s no question that you want the best gaming laptops or desktops on the market. You want the best because that brings the best experience. A gaming laptop needs to be able to process a lot of information and data at the same time.  When you’re online, having any lag or a slow connection can mean the difference between success and defeat.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to check out the newest gaming laptops on the market so you can go out and be the best gamer online.  Here are some of the best laptops that gamers prefer, so you can become the king of your world.


Alienware 17 R3

The 17-inch gaming laptop is the top laptop for 2016.  The Intel 6th Generation Core i7 processor provides 980M of graphic for spectacular detail.  It is one of the most colorful and attractive screens on the market.  You can upgrade the computer to enhance your gaming experience and make gaming a lot more entertaining.


Razer Blade

As a lightweight laptop, the Razer Blade is one of the standards of gaming laptops that you can take anywhere.  The light laptop has a Chroma keyboard that works with the touch screen to engulf you in any game.  There is 6GB of video memory so you won’t run out of storage space.  It’s the perfect combination of a gaming or everyday laptop.  You will appreciate the simplicity of the laptop to use in everyday life.


MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Dragon Edition

If you’re looking for a laptop that works with an Oculus or HTC VR headset, this is the laptop for you.  The large screen uses an Nvidia GTX 980 graphics card and an Intel 6th Generation Core i7 CPU.  The dragon theme gives it a powerful and intimidating look that will strike fear into your opponents if they can see your computer.


Asus ROG GL552

This gaming laptop is one of the best bargains you can find.  The 15.6-inch screen offers a 960M graphics card to give you the best picture.  The sleek style is ideal for anyone who appreciates a stealth fighter theme.  A vibrant 1080p display makes all the images clear and precise.  It is one of the best bargained gaming laptops you can find.
These four laptops are some of the best gaming laptops available.  They all vary in price, but they pack a punch while you’re playing.  Be sure to check them out and enjoy your favorite game without any problems.  You’ll be glad you did.

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