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Custom Built Computers: 5 Reasons You Need One - Viper Computer Systems

Custom Built Computers: 5 Reasons You Need One

Custom Built Computers: 5 Reasons You Need One

A personal computer is fast becoming as integral and functional to daily life at home or work. Your PC needs to function the way you want it to with the features your life demands. Custom built computers can make your everyday computer add to your productivity and performance, whether you work in coding and software or just game competitively Here are five reasons why you need a custom built built, instead of buying an “off the rack” model:

 Get the Components You Want

Major manufacturers offer systems built in three to five different feature tiers. The problem this causes for most performance builders and power users is they often include extras or components in combinations in which you have no interest. When you custom build a PC, you get exactly the components with the exact features you want: no bloatware or extraneous hardware.

 Budget Control

When you buy from a manufacturer, they decide what components are available to put in your PC. together whether you want them or not. That means that the cost of the features and capabilities you really want may price you out of your budget. With a custom built system, you get to choose how much to spend on each specific feature and component, instead of having to choose only from preselected available options.

 Price Comparative Shopping

A custom PC builder is going to have the freedom to buy their components from any parts dealer, and some businesses may get a discount on certain parts based on the volume they order. This means that you are more likely to get the high-end components you want at a price that falls within your budget, instead of having to rely on a manufacturer to select whatever parts fit their profit margin best.


One of the benefits unique to custom building is bundling. Many computer components retailers or dealers offer lower prices or mail-in rebates on individual parts when they are purchased as part of a bundle or set. Most major PC system manufacturers don’t offer these benefits to their customers, and it is rare that they offer mail-in rebates, let alone bundle pricing.

 Service Down the Road

Being able to walk the unit into a brick and mortar establishment when you have a problem makes a huge difference in your long term PC user experience, and being able to control the budget and what components to add or remove onsite affords you a greater peace of mind about your buying experience.

All in all, it makes more sense to buy a custom built PC: it’s more cost effective, you will be happier with your computer, and you will get more out of the system in the long run. Contact your local custom builder and talk about building your next system.

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