Gaming Laptop: Built by Gamers for Gamers

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Gaming Laptop: Built by Gamers for Gamers

If you’ve ever played a game on a computer, then you know that having reliable hardware is just as important as the software you’re using (unless you play online through Steam). Most gaming laptops are designed for web browsing and document creation, but very few are made for the gamer who spends hours at a time exploring Skyrim or defeating Orcs in World of WarCraft (old school reference, we know). Gaming is about to change forever with the Viper GSX3, the best gaming laptop out there.

Why is it the best? Because it is developed and built by hardcore gamers, that’s why.

Better Graphics

One of the biggest issues that computers have when playing a video game is rendering all of the different environments in real time. Unless you like to creep through a 32-bit version of Diablo, you need a computer that can handle large scale graphics at a rapid-fire pace. The Viper GSX3 is specifically built to handle that load, meaning you can mow down waves of zombies, orc, or Zerg without having any lag issues. In fact, Viper Computers are also designed for professional 3D modeling, so you know that the graphics are top-notch.

Better Speed

One of the reasons laptops suck at gaming is the fact that they can’t have as big a processor as a desktop unit. Thankfully, with the steady march of technology, we can now harness much faster processors and shrink them to fit a laptop, meaning that you can get the same performance as you would on a desktop model.

Better Sound

If you really want to hear the sound of your avatar as he or she guts your enemies, then you need to get a sound card that can let you listen to the sounds of bones breaking and organs squelching. With the Viper GSX3 Laptop, you can experience the best sound, even without a speaker system installed.

Better Performance

Overall, if you want to get the most out of your PC Games, then you need to play on the best computer. While some desktop models may have more storage or slightly better processor, when it comes to a gaming laptop, the Viper GSX3 is unmatched in its ability to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. As long as you have a stable, reliable internet connection (since all new games have to be online 24/7, for some reason), then you can game to your heart’s content with the GSX3.


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