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Building The Top Gaming PC - Viper Computer Systems

Building The Top Gaming PC

Building PC Gaming Computers

Building The Top Gaming PC

If you’re serious about PC gaming, then you already know how frustrating it can be to have a game you’re excited about playing, only to find out too late that your PC can’t handle it.  In that case, you have two options: scrap the game, or scrap the PC and get a new one.  If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re seriously considering option two.  Having a new, state-of-the-art PC can really make your gaming experience second to none.  But, what are the components that go into a top gaming PC?  As you select your parts, keep the following in mind:



The Processor, or CPU, determines the speed of your computer.  Every second, your computer is handling millions of operations, and it needs a CPU that can handle this amount of work.  This is why the CPU is one of the most important factors to consider when building your PC, and is definitely not an item you want to skimp on.  For today’s gaming needs, you really shouldn’t consider any processor clocked at less than 3 gigahertz.



While the CPU works, it heats up.  PCs are built to take this heat and get rid of it, so if you’re building a gaming PC you’re going to have to look at this as well.  Without an adequate cooling system, your PC runs the risk of overheating and, at best, acting strange.  At worst, you can fry your entire system!  Typically, a cooling system consists of a heat sink and one or more fans.  Some even have liquid cooling technology as well.


Sound Card

Great games have greats sound, and you’re going to want to hear all the dialogue, combat noises, and atmospheric effects.  People who are working on a budget usually find this component one that they can go a little cheaper with, and that’s okay.  But consider the following: while having a poor sound card won’t affect the playability of your game, it will affect your enjoyment and immersion in the game itself, so make sure whatever you get, you can live (and play) with.


Graphics Card

While you might be able to save a few bucks on sound quality, you definitely don’t want to do that with video.  Having a good video card doesn’t just mean you have nicer looking graphics (although that’s part of it).  Without a graphics unit that’s up to snuff, you won’t even be able to play certain games.  How’s that for important?



In this case, we’re talking RAM, which determines the computer’s short-term memory.  Basically, the more RAM you have, the more your PC can handle at one time, which helps you to have a seamless gaming experience.  These days, you want to start at 16GB.



This is long-term memory.  Your needs here can really alter depending on how many games you’re playing and how big they are, but remember: one of the good things about hard drives is the fact they can easily be replaced, so it can be simply added.  State of the art hard drives now are SSD (Solid State, which means no moving parts and less wear-and-tear), and it’s not uncommon for their capacity to be measured in Terabytes.



The motherboard is where all the above stuff plugs in.  Make sure you have a board that can handle all of your components, and is fast enough to have them all work together without any lag time.  Since your PC is only as good as its central nervous system, the motherboard is an important piece to consider.


Power Supply

Final thought: how are you going to power this all?  Many people think the power supply is nothing more than a plug into the wall, but it’s very important.  If you buy a power supply that can’t handle your power needs, your whole PC runs the risk of being fried, and you’re back to square one.  So, make sure to get a power supply that can handle your system!

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